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Redefining the boundaries of wine and art.


Beautify the space with a statement

Embracing Frédéric Cordier’s singular artistic vision, CellArt redefines the boundaries of wine and art with Rayon, a single original wine display triptych masterpiece.



Silver maple wood on black metal panels

Dimensions: 6,0 x 3,0 x 0.2 m (W/H/D)


Rayon referring to oriental geometrical art, this motif also recalls the structure of a hive. Variations are integrated into the principle of repetition in order to animate the composition. The complexity of the motif and its alterations will lean to a sort of meditation. ”

Frédéric Cordier


Frédéric Cordier

Frédéric Cordier is a Swiss-Canadian artist born in Montreal in 1985. His work articulates itself around the notion of systems to which he associates the idea of dysfunctionality. His formal preoccupations explore the basic elements of a specific vocabulary, aiming at a highly visual efficacy with interventions that are simple and play on rhythm and motif, the full and the empty, the black and the white. Through sculpture, architectural installation and drawing, Frédéric Cordier explores a visual language that plays on rhythm and repetition.

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