Wine Spaces

Extraordinary wine cellars and tasting rooms.

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Emotion is everything

The true essence of CellArt’s Wine Spaces goes beyond making your wine bottles look appealing, or usability and capacity, or even creating a controlled environment for your wine to age in the best conditions. From the vision to the realization of each space, we design to evoke an emotional response that resonates deeply with you; elevating the value you receive with the experience we craft. And we understand the weight of this responsibility, because you entrust in us with one of the most sacred and vulnerable things in your life: your wine.



That is the maximum number of Wines Spaces that we design and manufacture per year, worldwide. No matter the demand, we resolve never to sacrifice, to the pace of growth, our artistic integrity, the uniqueness of our artisanal savoir-faire and the freedom to always challenge the ordinary. For us, business is as important as the sheer fun we have creating spectacular works of art for each client, every time.

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