Wine Events

Access to exclusive and visionary tasting experiences.

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Words mean something


ex∙pe∙ri∙ence, noun

: an event witnessed or felt by someone, especially leading to a change in mental state, emotion, knowledge, etc.

ul∙ti∙mate, adjective

: the best or most extreme of its kind.

To marvel, to learn about rare pleasures, to make unforgettable and timeless moments for wine lovers by organizing singular and grandiose wine events that engage the body, the senses and the spirit: private tastings, extraordinary dinners with renown people in the world of wine, fine and rare wine auctions, and preferential access to the ultimate wine experience that is The Way of wine by Thierry Forbois.

The Way of wine Ritual . Photo courtesy of Thierry Forbois ©

The Way of wine Ritual. Photo courtesy of Thierry Forbois©