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Wine living masterpiece.


Delighting the senses, lifting the soul…

Imagined and created by Thierry Forbois for the Way of Wine ritual, Vascellum is a veritable living sculpture designed for serving legendary bottles of up to 6 liters in format. Triumph of art and technical mastery, the creation of each piece requires between 500 and 1,500 hours of skilled artisanal labor.

With the clockwork precision of its splendid movement, Vascellum bows with infinite grace to serve each drop of the most precious elixirs, filling the connoisseur with awe while consecrating the moment by bringing a sacred dimension to the tasting experience.


Vascellum dimensions: 40 x 85 x 34 cm (W/H/D)

Weight: 24 kg (53, 9 lb)


Unique pieces

Thierry Forbois only create original single pieces. Each one born out of the complicity of the artist and a soul, as Thierry Forbois interpret the desires, dreams and feelings of the buyer to turn them into the reality of a work of art that resonates with the owner self.


“I wanted to create something unprecedented. From a technical standpoint, the Wine Ceremony’s Vascellum is arguably the most sophisticated object ever designed for serving and decanting wine. But that’s not why I love it. I love its daring and insolence.

For me, it’s not the successful grafting of an artificial heart into the body of a work of art. It shows that we can go beyond the perceived divergence between art and science. The beautiful and the useful are not additions, but symbiotically coexist, inseparable from the whole. As if the pleasing sight of a curve also offered the best design solution for a device in terms of shape, or as if from the perfect device for a performing a certain function, the harmony of a curve suggested itself. To perceive it solely as a work of art is a mistake. To perceive it solely as a useful tool is just as erroneous. Its nature is something else, undefinable, and therein lies its mystery.

It’s also a work of resistance! An object that goes against today’s dominant production trend of mass-producing objects whose industrial esthetic, even when cleverly designed, utterly fails to resonate with our being, with who we really are. From smart phones to cars and can-openers, we are surrounded by impeccably designed objects, ingenious devices that please our senses, but are mute when it comes to our souls. It’s the difference between bay windows in a building and the stained glass at Chartres Cathedral. The same light passes through them both. Inside the former, it shines on us; inside the latter, it speaks to us…”

Thierry Forbois

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Thierry Forbois

Born in 1971, Thierry Forbois is a creator, inventor and multidisciplinary artist of French origin. Self-schooled lover of art, science, words, ideas, classical music, starry dawns, and wine... He never outgrew the innocent rapture of childhood, the joy of imprinting the world with his creations. His crowning achievement is the living art of the Way of wine and its ritual, which he also created, along with the vascellum, vessel of service of the ceremony. Thierry Forbois is also CellArt’s creative authority.

To learn more about the unique art of the Way of Wine visit Thierry Forbois’ website :


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