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The Sanctuary

Into CellArt’s Creative Director dream wine space.

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Saying the most with the least

“I have a long-standing interior fantasy: an underground living space, away from the noise and distractions of the modern world, dedicated to wine and art. An interior aesthetic to enjoy a sens of sanctuary and retreat, where every elements and details of the space are reduced to essential, as a result of the elimination of the nonessential. A place to rejuvenate by returning to the basics of the joie de vivre: sharing a bottle or two of good wine with a friend, reading poetry aloud, being moved to tears by a great music or listening to what silence has to say...”

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Thierry Forbois

CellArt’s creative authority, Thierry establishes the conceptual and stylistic direction of each cellar project, driven by one idea: creating meaning through emotionnal resonance. Creator, inventor and multidisciplinary artist, self-schooled lover of art, science, words, ideas, classical music, starry dawns, and wine... He never outgrew the innocent rapture of childhood, the joy of imprinting the world with his creations. His crowning achievement is the living art of the Way of wine and its ritual, which he also created, along with the vascellum, vessel of service of the ceremony.