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Extraordinariness is no accident.


I will either find a way, or make one.


Aut viam inveniam aut faciam.


I believe that a true leader is not a hero, it is with others that he writes his story.
— Jonathan Primeau
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Jonathan Primeau

CellArt’s Founder and President

Serial entrepreneur, Jonathan Primeau has a lifelong passion for wine, design and art. Trained at the prestigious THNK School of Creative Leadership in Amsterdam, he founded CellArt to share his passion with other wine lovers. Endowed with immense charisma, Jonathan embodies the values of sophistication, extraordinariness and authenticity that makes CellArt a unique experience.

His best ever tasted bottle:

Pétrus, 1982

The bottle of his dreams:

Dom Perignon P3, 1971


Forbois vascellum painting.jpg

Thierry Forbois

Creative Director, VP, Partner

CellArt's creative authority, Thierry Forbois establishes the conceptual and stylistic direction of each Wine Spaces projects, driven by one idea: creating meaning through emotionnal resonance. Creator, inventor, multidisciplinary artist and avid wine connoisseur, he never outgrew the innocent rapture of childhood, the joy of imprinting the world with his creations. His crowning achievement is the living art of the Way of wine and its ritual, which he also created, along with the vascellum, vessel of service of the ceremony.

His best ever tasted bottle:

La Tâche, 1971

The bottle of his dreams:

Yquem, 1811



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Jean-Pierre Gilbert

Managing Director, Partner

Having held senior management positions in leading manufacturing companies, Jean-Pierre Gilbert has remarkable experience for more than 35 years in the commercial and institutional interior design sector. A talented manager and entrepreneur, renowned for his versatility, sharp judgment, foresight, and unparalleled sense of organization, he has repeatedly and brilliantly met the demanding challenges of start up of three companies, contributing greatly to their growth and success.

His best ever tasted wine:

Vin de Paille Bouvret, Jura, 1893

The bottle of his dreams:

Chartreuse Yellow - Tarragona, 1904-1930 (just a sip…)



Anne Roger_Headshot_B&W_copyrightAudrey Gaspard.jpg

Anne Roger

Art Curator and Event Lead

As CellArt’s Art Curator and Event Lead, Anne Roger is dedicated to creating powerful connections between Art and wine lovers, and to growing new audiences through innovative Exclusive Wine Events and Art & Wine Objects. After completing an M.A. in Art Theory and Practice in Paris, she started her career at the auction house Artcurial. She then developed an extensive knowledge of the art market as an Art Collection Manager and Event Planner in London and Italy.

Her best ever tasted bottle:

Château Haut-Brion, 1985

The bottle of her dreams:

Vin Jaune, Anatoile Vercel, 1774



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Dominique Légaré

Design Lead

As CellArt’s lead designer, Dominique manages the development of each design, from concept to completion, creating all the layouts as well as the final art project. By implementing the general design concept, he ensures the perfect integration of all technical and functional aspects. Inspired by contemporary architecture, highly skilled and talented, Dominique brings out his rationality to the original concept, adding his rebel touch to each project, all while refining the art style. Dominique also designed CellArt’s first collection of wine objects Les Irremplaçables.

His best ever tasted wine:

Amarone Riserva, G. Quintarelli, 1988

The bottle of his dreams:

Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon, 1997



Maxime Boivin.jpg

Maxime Boivin

Atelier Manager

Maxime is an accomplished Atelier Manager. A man of strategy, it is on the ground, in the midst of his brigade of artisans, that he makes the difference. Like a great chef, he considers every slightest detail, ensuring every step of the conformity and quality of projects at every step. Whoever does work under his guidance will quickly learn that there is room for only one quality: the extreme.

His best ever tasted wine:

Vin de Paille Bouvret, Jura, 1893

The bottle of his dreams:

Egon Muller-Scharzhof Scharzhofberger Riesling Trockenbeerenauslese, 2011




Peter Smiechowski

Mission Head, Partner

Developing the Canadian market and as strategic Account Manager, Peter Smiechowski brings over 20 years of capital markets and entrepreneurial experience. He started trading options for a large Canadian bank-owned dealer and became the head trader of a multi-strategy hedge fund with a global focus. Mr. Smiechowski earned his BComm from the University of Toronto, is a CFA charter holder and licensed with the Financial Services Commision for Insurance. Finally, Mr. Smiechowski had the pleasure of representing Canada in three World Championships in the sport of water polo.

His best ever tasted wine:

Tedeschi Amarone della Valpolicella Classico, 1999

The bottle of his dreams:

Bollinger RD, 1973



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Jessica Sims

Sales Enabler

As CellArt’s Sales and marketing enabler, Jessica dedicates her full attention to increasing CellArt’s international market reach by managing and perfecting its diverse social media platforms as well as building sustainable relationships with the highly influential personalities in the world of wine. Jessica also focuses her energy on creating long lasting relationships with all of CellArt’s clients, even once their dream wine cellar is brought to life.

Her best ever tasted wine:

Tenuta San Guido, Sassicaia, Bolgheri, 1985

The bottle of her dreams:

Romanée-Conti Grand Cru, 1945