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Absolute Harmony

Into CellArt’s Founder dream wine space.




“I love people, I love art, I love cars, I love music, I love food, but most of all, I love wine. When all these emotions can be shared and lived to their fullest extent, it becomes a feeling like no other. In quest of absolute harmony, the foundation of my dream wine space is based on my deepest passions and life goals, accurately representing where I stand today, and where I shall be standing in the future.

Each car symbolizes a sense of freedom, showcasing my love for design and vintage. At the very center can be found the focal element of the entire space: the table, expression of an art de vivre where pure enjoyment can be shared with my loved ones.

The wine cellar is for me an irresistible invitation to travel. Tasting and discovering the great vintages of our world, I embark on a journey for the senses and soul. My private wine collection has been built piece by piece. Each bottle has a story and a purpose. When combined, they represent a perfect balance of my favourite elixirs as they complement each other. Keeping my treasures safe and in the perfect aging environment is crucial. It brings out their very best. It brings out our very best.

In this secret world of mine, I feel free, open-minded, creative and calm. I can dream of the future, get lost in my on thoughts, live a full moment of intimacy, or be fully exposed, completely unleashed, simply enjoying the best of what life has to offer...”

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Jonathan Primeau

Avid wine connoisseur, Jonathan Primeau has a lifelong passion for wine, design and art. Trained at the prestigious THNK School of Creative Leadership in Amsterdam, he founded CellArt to share his passion with other wine lovers. Endowed with immense charisma, Jonathan embodies the values of sophistication, extraordinariness and authenticity that makes CellArt a unique experience.